Urban Environmental Issues

Renewal Under Growth has taken over the resources and some of the mission of the Flint Restoration Group. The Flint Restoration Group participated in providing Whole House Water Filtration systems to residents and small business in Flint Michigan at the height of the Flint Water Crisis. Some of the founding board members for the Flint Restoration Group are Board members of Renewal Under Growth. Renewal Under Growth will team up with whole house water filtration vendors to raise funds and offer whole house, sink or shower filters to residents for FREE. This effort will allow immediate solutions to underserved homes suffering from contaminated water. Flint Michigan and Benton Harbor are examples of urban areas suffering from water contamination.

Urban Blight Issues

Renewal Under Growth will team up with businesses, homeowner associations, individuals, fraternities, sororities, civic, benevolent, and other such groups to deploy on-going solutions to redress urban blight. We will team up with micro local businesses to train underserved crews to redress blight. Elderly homeowners, underserved urban business centers and private spaces in urban areas will be the target of our blight efforts. 

Self Help Vocational Training

Renewal Under Growth will team up with local contractors to teach  self-help vocational classes in handy-man independent sub-contracting and basic carpentry. The handy-man subcontracting will help independent contractors become insured and bonded and help them to partner with a licensed contractor to provide their service(s). Many urban areas have semi-skilled labors and independent contractors capable of providing needed services. Our aim is to position those independent contractors to operate as bonded or insured De Jure Sole-proprietors, LLC’s or Corporations.

Renewal Under Growth Fundraising

While grants are tools for use by non-profit organization, even grants require the goal of a non-profit to develop self-funding sustainability. Our fundraisers are designed for Renewal Under Growth to sustain itself. Our fundraisers our structured off the premise of mutual interest. We believe that the ancient African percept called Ujamaa (“cooperative economics: [where profits teaming up with nonprofits to solve problems and create growth and development]).